Lorin Marsh was established in 1975 by Lorraine Schacht, Sharon Mandell, and Gertude Margolies. The three women saw a unique opportunity to specialize an experience for interior shoppers looking to accessorize their spaces. The idea behind the brand was to have a high-end accessories showroom that displayed an eclectic mix of decorative items for the home. Up until this point, if designers wished to shop for home accessories their options consisted of shopping at department stores or buying accessories in bulk. There was not a one-stop-shop for high end interior decorators to accessorize their projects.

They opened up shop in the prestigious D&D building in NYC and curated antiquities for their showroom from around the world. Although the brand began by selling home accessories, it wasn’t long before they began selling a considerable amount of high-end furniture. The store’s inventory consisted of a unique mix of antique and modern furniture. The brand would also begin to design their own custom furniture, giving them complete control over the design and quality of the decorative works they were selling.

In 2018 the brand would relocate to 200 Lexington, a prominent location in the design industry; “Moving our flagship showroom to 200 Lex was attractive for a number of reasons. First, there’s a vibrant culture in the building, which includes a variety of historic brands, but also many bright young designers. Joining that community seemed like a great opportunity to reimagine Lorin Marsh, … The move will take us closer to the studios of some of our top clients, but it also gave us a chance to think about how we edit and focus our collections in a new setting,” stated Caryn Schacht, daughter of original founder, Lorraine Schacht.

Caryn Schacht began her early career with aspirations of being an influential name in the film industry. Her mother, Lorraine, encouraged her daughter to work within the design firm. The two became increasingly close and Caryn’s passion for design continuously developed. She ultimately followed in her mother’s footsteps and is currently president of Lorin Marsh. Caryn has since advanced the brand through her own personal lense.

Greenwich Living Antique & Design Center has acquired a number of Lorin Marsh designs. They are absolutely fabulous and we are proud to be showcasing the brand in our gallery. The detail and quality of the work is superb. See one of our favorite acquisitions below, a Hollywood Regency style desk with embossed stitched leather on a chrome frame.