What should you know?


Where are we going? 375 Fairfield Ave., Stamford, CT


  • We are excited to announce we have occupied space next to Stark Carpet and Holly Hunt
  • This address is 1 mile away, approximately a 5 minute drive from our current location!
  • 22,000 sq ft – Our gallery will have space on both the first and second floor


When is the move taking place? This Summer




  • Over the course of June and July our gallery will begin and complete the relocation process


When will we be in the new space? August


  • By the middle of July we will have completely relocated


Stamford Waterside Design District

The interiors-based community is home to:

  • Stark Carpet
  • Holly Hunt
  • S.D. Showroom
  • Kravet Inc.
  • J.D. Staron
  • Schwartz Design Showroom
  • Dedar


and many more…


What should you expect?




22,000 sq ft State-of-the-art Showroom


We are excited to announce our space next to Stark Carpet and Holly Hunt! Visit us at an all-new, carefully finished and designed showroom. Our gallery will populate space on both the first floor (next to Holly Hunt) and the second floor (adjacent Stark Carpet). Our showroom will be open concept on each floor – the second floor will have a 50 foot open corridor with mirrors and artwork lining the walls. Platforms will line the windows showcasing the best of 18th, 19th and 20th Century design.




New Inventory – Since learning of our inevitable move, our team had halted our inventory schedule. We have tens of dozens of pieces that have yet to hit our gallery floor or online marketplaces. There will be an abundance of new inventory in our new gallery – both Antique and Mid-Century!