White Lacquared Louis XV Style Bombe Dresser


White Lacquared Louis XV Style Bombe Dresser. Fabulous Louis XV Style Nine Drawer Dresser. White & Gilt Paint Decorated. Superb quality on this oak secondary solid walnut cabinet. The wonderfully deep drawers that will hold many things have perfectly divided top separations made to store lingerie, socks or personal belonging. Not only is this a functional piece of furniture it has great aesthetic quality as well. Would look magnificent in any bedroom or hall setting. Matching mirrors for sale separately.

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    Dealer Location: Stamford, Ct

    Number of Items:1


    Wear: As Expected

    Height: 34.5 inches

    Width: 5 feet 9.8 inches

    Depth: 21.75 inches

    Style: Louis XIV

    Date of origin: 1950

    Place of Manufacture: United States

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