R. J. Horner Victorian Sideboard, Full Griffins, Figural, 1880s, Refinished


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R. J. Horner Victorian Sideboard, Full Lions, Figural, 1880s, Refinished, Monumental in size as it stand almost seven feet high and seven feet wide. Lions measure 14.5 inches in height.

A stunning sideboard having the finest of carving that one could possibly wish for. The upper cabinet having three doors leading to a fitted interior. The exterior with a carved center door having detailed grapes in a fruit bowl flanked by carved side doors with female carved busts holding brussels of grapes on each side. The top supported by a carved backsplash with the whole laying on the heads of full bodied full mane winged Lions of the finest quality. Typically griffins are seen on these large sideboards. Lions are substantially difficult to find.
The bottom sideboard matching the top completely with the whole resting on the same wonderfully carved winged full bodied lions. Both sets of lions having all four paws.
The period between 1880 and 1920 is often regarded as the “golden age” of American furniture craftsmanship, not only for the quality of the pieces, but also for the characteristic golden lacquers applied to finished furnishings. Overall prosperity following the American Civil War gave rise to wealthier families, larger homes and, hence, a desire for larger, more ornate furnishings for those homes. Oak became popular during this time, due to a shortage of available walnut. In particular, the New York firm of Robert J. Horner is known for creating some of the greatest, handcrafted oak furnishings of this period. Horner was a clerk at a curtain shop before opening his furnishing business in 1885. Although the firm lasted only 30 years, the pieces that were produced during that time displayed high-level carving and handmade craftsmanship that was seldom seen during the Victorian Age, which was largely marked by mechanized work and industrialism. Today, items crafted by Horner are highly desirable and sought by collectors of premium Victorian furniture. Circa 1885

H 81″ W 80″ D 22″ Lions 14.5″ High.


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