An 19th Century Harp Lute Edward Light


A very finely inlaid Harp Lute possiblly by Edward Light. This fine stringed instrument stands on its on and is in relatively good condition for its age. The harplike pillar supports diatonically tuned bass strings to extend the range of the fretted strings. The pitch of the bass strings could be raised a semitone by finger-operated ring stops that work very much like pedals on a harp.

The prototype of harp-lutes is presumably ‘the harp-guitar’ and Edward Light is generally known as the inventor of this instrument. Strangely, though Light advertised his ‘harp-guitar’ to the London public through newspapers around 1800, like the one mentioned in 1908 by Armstrong, none of Light’s harp-guitars has been so far identified among surviving examples – most of them are either unsigned or bearing other makers’ brands

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    Dealer Location: Stamford, Ct

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    Condition: As Expected

    Wear: Wear consistent with age and use.

    Height: 34 inches

    Width: 14 inches

    Depth: 1.75

    Style: NA

    Creator: Harp Lute Edward

    Date of origin: 1920

    Place of Manufacture: United Kingdom

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